Time Flies

So Worcester City 10k was great, had lots of fun and really enjoyed it.  This event is a great showcase of my home City.

Decided to half a month off running after that, which turned in to six weeks and is now at 10 weeks. I really need something to kick-start me, so looking at events for 2020.

Although not running I have been spending time at fit3sixty gym in Worcester, a fantastic independent facility with another site in Malvern. I have been working on my strength and Condition and this is going well.  Structured classes at various times during the day, usually 0600hrs or 1800hrs depending on my shift pattern.

Now to get some running events booked up…….

Worcester City 10k is all systems go !!

Right then….It’s been a while since my last post, since then I have completed my 25th Marathon or Ultra by taking part in the Rotterdam Marathon, a great weekend and I managed to pace 2 friends to personal best times. My son also came over for the weekend ad it was great having his company.

My initial plan for 2019 was for my “A” event being Ultra Running Ltd 24hr Joust in September, I love this event and wanted to give it a good go, trying to get as close as possible to century.

However this changed when I was chosen to be an Ambassador for Events of the North for my hometown Worcester City 10k (there is also a half marathon). I have marshalled the inaugural event and took part in the Half and 10k in other years, having seen first-hand the positive impact that these bring to the city it was a no brainer.

I really want to do this event justice, it means something new for me, attempting to run quickly…….Anyone that knows me, knows that I don’t need an excuse to slow down (and talk). I have enlisted the help of Jenny Nesbitt in training for this, if you need a training plan get in touch with her. Also upping (well starting) strength training at Fit3sixty here in Worcester.

See you on the start line.

Be wise, be safe, be humble

Back to the grind



So 23 days without running, couldn’t have been a stress fracture, but bloody hell did it hurt.  Borrowed a boot off a good friend that eased the pain hugely.

Helping out with a parkrun improver course really helped get that enthusiasm back, great to see people with different ability levels striving to be a quicker.  Also managed a 14miler, a Sunday morning around quiet, undulating Worcestershire lanes felt really good (and pain free).

Missed the marathon talk run camp (again), looks like miles of smiles at a great venue in the Peak District.

I have a new love in my life…….Audio books, never really seem to find the time to read (pathetic I know), but have listened to Vassos Alexanders Running up that hill: The highs and lows of going that bit further and am Just finishing off Sean Conway’s Running Britain. These have been listened to at every opportunity, I feel sorry for my dog, he has been on that many walks recently. My mind races as I make plans for crazy long distance runs, then I come back to reality and pick up the 2nd poo of the morning (the dogs not mine).


Both these are great books and are highly recommended.

I continue to run when I can, less than 5 weeks until Rotterdam marathon.

Ups and downs of running

I really struggle with motivation, so with Rotterdam Marathon looming, committing to an event to use for training purposes seemed like a good idea to kick start 2019 running wise.

Wychavon Way Ultra, 40 (ish) miles from Droitwich to Broadway in the Cotswolds hosted by the team from Beyond Marathon was my chosen event.

I finished a couple of hours before the cut off time and returned home with a smile on my face.
A quick bath then off to dance the night away at a friend’s wedding reception, eventually getting home at 0130hrs ! Tough going when you are my age.

Anyway the next day developed an agonising pain in my ankle/bottom of shin. It presented as a stress fracture…FFS.

Borrowed a protective boot from a good friend and two weeks on, things are feeling a lot better.

Whist unable to run I have been helping out at Worcester Pitchcroft parkrun, this is truly humbling and puts my poorly foot into perspective.

Running not Running

A podgy middle aged runners ramblings……

When you cant run for whatever reason it can be tough, people flaunt their runs over social media, meaning just turning on you your smartphone can mean instant annoyance. Everyone is getting pb’s or kudos on Strava, whereas you…….

I have lengthy spells of not running, either due to injury, prior commitments but usually a distinct lack of motivation……CBA ( Cant Be Arsed).  I find during those times if I keep myself involved in running it helps, reading about it, marshaling or helping to organise events really helps.

Your local parkrun will always be on the look out for helpers :






So that’s about it, for those time you cannot run for whatever reason…….get involved !!!!


Be wise, be safe, be humble.



Be more human

Being a podgy middle aged man that calls himself a runner I decided to start typing my ramblings, hoping it will help motivate me to run more, it will go off topic at times, lots of it not making sense, to that end I make no apologies……..

I was lucky enough to win a competition in Mens Running magazine to take part in the Reebok Ragnar Relay (White Cliffs), link below:



Reebok, had a pair of those in my teens.  Remember them well, Reebok pump basketball shoes – you could actually pump them up via a little basketball on the tongue – they were cool, I was cool.  The prize included a pair of Floatride running shoes, shorts and a running top.  I must admit the kit is very good !!

A team of 10 – 5 guys in one vehicle, 5 ladies in the other…….The chaps ran the first five legs, then handed over to the ladies who ran their five.  It was 30 legs in total, even with my poor maths it is easy to work out how many legs per runner.  It was a great event starting in Maidstone and finishing in Brighton, total distance about 170 miles mostly undulating !

The running was good, camaraderie even better, running motivation restored.  I find it amazing that you can throw a group of people together from different parts of the country, with different jobs, different running paces and just because we have running in common we all have a great connection, I wont mention what went on in the Jolly boys van, as what goes on tour……


All in all, a great event and mojo restored. Saw something this weekend that sums it up for me….Be more human.


Be wise, be safe, be humble.